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It is likely that there are some irrelevant events in the field of view of your camera, such as traffic, changing light, moving leaves, and what-have-you. You can define multiple zones, set different alerting levels, and exclude some zones from triggering alerts. When you set up a new camera it creates a new zone by default, which includes everything the camera sees. You can see this on your ZoneMinder console figure 1. Click on the zone number to create a new zone. ... Read More
This layer consists of paper fluff and a chemical absorbent called sodium polyacrylate. Sodium polyacrylate is a polymer , meaning that it consists of chains of identical units monomers. The monomer for sodium polyacrylate is:. It is a pretty cool polymer -- shake the crystals out of a new diaper or buy the crystals at a garden center and add water to them. Pretty amazing! ... Read More
Jump to navigation. The Mental Health Supported Employment Program enhances employment opportunities for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness or persons in recovery. This program has resulted in increased competitive integrated employment opportunities through assistance with job development, job-seeking skills, job coaching, and extended services. The IPS Learning Collaborative serves as a mechanism for training and support for those states and countries implementing this approach to job development and placement for people with serious mental illness. In an effort to assure the availability of quality vocational rehabilitation services throughout the state, we have partnered with Community Centered Boards CCB serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ... Read More
We all need a role model, whose actions can help guide us through the rough patches in our lives. Who is going to inspire and motivate you better than an ambitious person? In any good role model, confidence must be balanced out by humility. Without humility, your role model may become arrogant and self centered, and then not focus on your individual growth at all! Humility, highlighted by grace and modesty, is a crucial characteristic to look for in your role model. ... Read More